Empowering Adolescents to Thrive in Life and School

As adolescents go through the journey of puberty, their brains undergo significant development. Research has shown that academic success during this critical period plays a crucial role in building their self-esteem and fostering a sense of efficacy. This highlights the imperative for parents and professionals to fully grasp the importance of school attendance and the potential consequences of absences.

The Power of Encouragement
Encouragement is a potent tool in working with adolescents. Ensuring that they feel supported and understood is essential for them to succeed. When young individuals believe that we are on their side, they are more likely to trust our guidance and take it seriously. By meeting them at their level of understanding, empathizing with their perspective, and responding without letting our emotions cloud the conversation, we can effectively facilitate their growth.

The Impact of Chronic Absences
Both parents and educators should be aware of the detrimental effects of chronic absences on academic achievement. Studies have revealed that consistent absenteeism significantly reduces the likelihood of students advancing to the next grade level. Put simply, frequent school absences can have a lasting impact on their educational path, even if they manage to catch up later.

Chronic absenteeism also hampers the development of crucial problem-solving skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with peers. These valuable lessons may be missed due to absences or lack of participation. Furthermore, research suggests that chronically absent students often struggle with test performance, either because they struggle to keep up with the curriculum or become disengaged due to their lack of interest resulting from missed classes or poor academic performance.

The Role of Parents and Professionals
Parents and clinical professionals should engage in conversations with their children about the significance of regular school attendance and active involvement. In a clinical environment, integrating educational activities into the daily routine is vital to keep patients engaged academically. Moreover, adults working with adolescents must understand that encouragement holds the key to their academic success. Striking the right balance between meeting them where they are and providing guidance is paramount during this crucial phase of their lives.

By implementing these strategies and emphasizing the importance of school attendance, parents and professionals can empower adolescents to thrive academically and in life as a whole. ilearn wellness group offers a combined approach of adolescent medicine, behavioral health, and educational professionals. These treatment methods are offered in conjunction with personalized academics built into a patient’s daily schedule so that they can stay up to date on their school work while also focusing on their mental health. Contact us today to learn more!

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